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Black Jack is a medical professional that sells his skills to those that bid highest. He is a figure that is shadowy with hair that is black-and-white and scars that are stitched-up all over his body. Black Jack attends to a wide variety of patients including the common people, presidents/leaders. He asks for very high payments from all his patients. Due to this, he is known to be greedy and has callousness.

Black Jack has a personal code (check here for example: If a patient moves him with the ordeal of their suffering, he cures them for free. He, however, has to establish a patient’s willingness to pay. If he cannot find a mercy appealing story behind the patient, then his charging stands.

Black Jack donates much of the money he makes to charity and it is his happiness when he makes a lot of money out of his patients.

Black Jack always goes everywhere with his ward, Pinoko, which are parasitic twin organs from her sister. He gave the sister an artificial body in the image of a female kid and took the resulting baby to be his own since it deserved a chance at life, according to him. Pinoko is a housekeeper, an assistant in surgical operations, a cook but much more providing moral support and human warmth to Black Jack, who is distant from people.

Pinoko is a fully functional human but cannot grow. She is loving, has the personality of a small kid but she is knowledgeable like an 18 year old.

Black Jack is not only skilled in the medical field but also has fighting skills. He is not violent but he will use force in defend himself and others He prefers to use his fista but in some situations he can use a gun or a scalpel to throw at the attacker

Black Jack is dubbed Tezuka’s alter ego. This is the kind of medic he ever wanted to be. The character Black Jack was created to celebrate Tezuka’s 40th anniversary as a professional manga. It was originally meant to be a miniseries in five parts but was later extended to five years due to the overwhelming audience response and reception.

Black Jack’s mode of dressing and attitude are symbolic: they are meant to remind those who read of the rebellious and witty archetypal pirate who lives out of the realms of modern lifestyle. His scar represents a hero’s flaw. He has a half-white, half-black face which represents not being pure. Black Jack can show great kindness but also brutal cruelty depending on the situation at hand.

Kuro Hazama is the real name of Black Jack. When he was eight years old, his mother and he were injured terribly following an explosion, which explains his scars and appearance. His mother died after losing all four limbs and then drifting into a coma. After that incident, Kuro’s father couldn’t stay; he left him. His body was so torn everywhere, but he was rescued through an operation conducted by Dr. Jotaro Honma

Kuro, who is Black Jack character, got a skin-graft from his best friend and that explains why the left side of his face is darker than the rest of the face. The best friend that gave him a skin-graft is half African. Black Jack refused to go through plastic surgery to correct the skin color and he did this as a respect sign for his half African friend.




Easy Steps to Play Texas Holdem

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Texas Holdem is a card game well known to those who play poker. If you want to learn how to play this game in short simple step, continue to read on below. The first thing you need is to gather the materials. You will need 52 card deck, chips, 2-20 players, and a dealer button.

1. The two players directly on the left of the dealer make some blind bets.

2. The dealer then gives two cards to each player with its face down. These are known as hole cards.

3. The player on the left of the one who put in the big blind starts the action. This player can start by asking for a bet or raise. She can also call a fold. After that, the bets continue around the table.

4. The board, which is three cards that are put on the table’s center with their faces up, is dealt. It is also called a flop or “community cards” which means that any player can use them to make a winning combination.

5. Once the flop is done, the player on the left of the dealer starts betting. This player can call a check or a bet.

6. The turn card is then dealt on the board with its face up and another round of betting continues.

7. The river is the last card that is dealt with its face also up.

8. Players make their final bets around the table.

9. The players reveal their cards and the player with the best cards wins. Poker can be played for leisure and some make a livelihood out of it. Either way, to play the game smart and earn some money, follow the tips below:

• Know the worst and best hands to play.

• Play, play, and play for better practice and to learn and observe how others play around the table. you can do that at play there, or any other reputable site you can find online.

• Know how where you are seated at the game can be beneficial to you.

And finally, after learning all the steps to become a great Texas Holdem player, you can relax and play some bingo. The Website is and all you have to do is to check it and find yourself a good Bingo website .


Facts About Roulette

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Roulette is yet another casino game undergoing a revolution. It’s been transformed from a traditional wooden table top casino game into live roulette, a slick online pastime for everyone!

Since the eighteenth century the roulette board has been a staple of the gambling world, with beautifully carved wheels gracing the tables of the best gaming establishments and boosting the games popularity all over the world. It was in France that the current version of Roulette was created, amalgamating a number of other popular games (Roly-Poly, Reiner, EO and some others) to create one that would soon outshine them all.  The new name, Roulette, translates as ‘little wheel’, a nod to the centre piece of the game. Pascal, a seventeenth century scientist, was the first to create the wheel as part of a game whilst he was researching for a perpetual motion machine. The ball is carried by the motion of the wheel travelling in an opposing direction, but then comes to a natural stop as the spin loses momentum. This creates a truly random outcome which is essentially what players bet upon. Each wheel is split into 37 or 38 compartments, depending on whether it is an American or European game. Each compartment has a number and is either red or black, giving two ways to bet on each spin.

Most of the differences between the American and European versions centre around two pockets reserved for the house, 0 and 00, so increasing the houses advantage. 00 was eventually removed in America and 0 coloured green. Eagle pockets were once common on American boards, as further house pockets, but these have long been phased out. As American casinos have driven roulette to become so popular, most players today use the American layout, whether playing live roulette online or in a casino.

The online gaming community has embraced roulette and the seamless play is perfected by the beautiful graphics and live feed from the real life dealer in the live casino. Live gaming combines the very best of video gaming with real play, and players can interact with their dealer, who will preside over each spin from a purpose built casino. Everyone can play, and it is an easy way to play roulette without a trip to the casino!



Winning Strategies to Use On an Online Casino

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The sole reason for playing in online casino is to make money by winning. you can do it at Eurogrand casino online or any othjer reputable casino, However, you should also throw in some fun while you are at it and you will be surprised that you will enjoy yourself tremendously. To win, one will have to use some strategies that will enhance their chances of emerging at the top of their game.

Several winning strategies -
Learning: Educate yourself in all that there is to learn. The mere knowledge of playing cards is never enough. Use the internet as a resource and get all the important knowledge there is in online casino games.

Choose the right game: Always use the free play provided to choose the kind of game that is best for you. Some games may seem exciting but they generate very little money that is why it is good to evaluate all the present games. Always plan what you wish to spend. Following your plan will strictly helps you not to lose but win, and know when to walk away. Also, make sure you select an operator with the best reputation.

Set priorities and a timetable: In online casino playing, it is good to draw a line, that is, know when to stop. This makes deciding easy because one may win and continue playing, thinking that they will win more. One should know the strategies to follow to win, and then ensure that they always quit when they are winning. The time used also determines the winning capacity. As we all know, this is a game of the mind, when the brain tires, there are higher chances of loosing. It is good to create a good timetable and follow it strictly.

Be yourself: When playing it is good to be yourself. This helps you not to be influenced by others in major ways. For instance, if you have chosen a game with few strokes but another person has taken a bigger one and is winning, do not attempt to play his game because chances are you will lose instead. Stick to the game strategy that you had chosen in the first place. Always read the terms and conditions of each online casino game and understand them fully.

Bridge Opening 1NT Lessons - Ron Klinger

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Many elderly people prefer the comfort of the slot machines to something like bridge, but bridge is a fantastic game. You are never too old to learn and you can do so here.

Finest online casino game play for you

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Online casino games offer a great platform to the gamblers to play games online and win some serious money. One won’t be going anywhere in order to win a lot of cash. You can surely get the entire casino at your home and in front of your eyes with the assistance of online casinos. However, special improvisations are required from your side so that things can be kept in perspectives while playing gambling games on the internet.

The selection of a particular online casino needs to be done with great care. Some offer No Deposit Bonus and some don't. It won’t be really hard for you to win a lot if you are going to select such online casino that surely guarantees a better payback percentage. Similarly, you need to be very careful about various online gambling frauds. So, the selection of a particular casino platform should be done after complete research and analysis that if you are not going to waste your money. If you are able to take these steps then it won’t be really hard for you to win a lot of money without any problems. Moreover, you have to ensure that the finest online casino game is being selected that isn’t harder to play and the probably of your success should be high in it.

There are certain tips and online gambling strategies that can also be included in your acknowledgements to make sure that your online gambling experience won’t be suffering. There are two primary online casino variants, virtual and live casinos. Both are considered to be very good when it comes to game play though live casino is at a slight edge. Even live dealer games can also be great for better game play and you’ll surely feel the charms of reality in this particular game play.

Know more about online casino games, casino offers & casino tips at

How to Find a Good Online Casino

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If you love the idea of a trip to the bright lights of Las Vegas but can't afford the money or time off, online casinos are a great alternative. However, with so much choice how do you know which to choose? Are they all reputable? Which one is right for you? If you want to know how to find a good online casino, then consider the following tips on your journey towards online gaming.

Firstly, never sign up with an online casino that is not properly licensed. A reputable online casino will display information on their website stating who they are licensed by – and for those betting in the UK, the approved Government Whitelist is essential. Don't be surprised to see casinos that are licensed in countries as far flung as Gibraltar, Barbados and the Netherlands. Once you’ve found out who the casino is licensed by, you can always get in touch with that authority to confirm that this is definitely the case.

Secondly, check that the casino's payout percentages are recognized and audited by an official gaming auditing authority. These auditors regularly check that these payout percentages are considered fair and honest.

Customer support is essential if you're interested in playing in online casinos. If you run into difficulties, you want to be sure you get hold of somebody that can help you as quickly as possible. A decent online casino will offer 24-hour telephone, live chat and/or e-mail support. If you want to make doubly sure before signing up, contact the casino with a few questions and see how quickly they come back to you.

Check that the casino offers a wide range of games to play, including any of your essential favourites. Look for casinos with free-play options so that you can test out some of their games to gauge their likeability before you commit to signing up with them. Most reputable online casinos use third-party casino software developed and licensed by one of the main providers, such as Microgaming, Playtech, Real Time Gaming and Cryptologic. Whilst each type of software has its own distinctive style and features, the most popular software providers offer high-quality, entertaining games.

Bear these guidelines in mind when you're researching a new online casino, and you will hopefully avoid potential pitfalls associated with unlicensed and disreputable online casino sites.

Online Casinos Getting the Best Gaming Experience

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So, how do you take advantage of the free online casino and get the most out of your gaming experience? Simple, by finding a online casino that honors their players. It is also important to play at a casino that has security in place and an easy banking system. You should be able to read plenty about the casinos software knowing that it is a safe place to gamble. Whether playing for real money or just for play, you definitely want to select a online casino that is secure.

Online casinos offer the player the comfort of their favorite games and often times reward the players for playing at their casino. With the competition between casinos players will find that most casinos are giving bonuses such as welcome bonuses, frequent player bonuses and more. Some casinos also have their own universities on how to play certain games which can give a player a real advantage.

Whether you favor blackjack, slots, craps or one of the many other casino games you will have the opportunity to play them online and all the advantages that go with online playing! The online gambling saying around the net these days is: Win bigger, more often! And, players are definitely winning big and more often. Australia Offers the Most Bonuses Around!

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Play online casino games with and increase your chances of winning with our incredible bonus features.

Various Types of Bonuses
If you are still thinking about joining our family, think no more. Right now you will get a bonus just for signing up! We are offering a Welcome Bonus of up to $/£3,200! We are so confident that signing up at is the right choice for you that we will match your first deposit up to $/£400. This means you will receive 100% bonus, doubling your original deposit. The excitement doesn't stop there, though! The next 7 times you reload your account, we will double your deposit for up to $/£400 each and every time!

You cannot find a better welcoming to an Australian online casino site than here at in Australia. Get started today, place your deposit and we will double your budget immediately and repeat it again and again over the next 7 deposits. What more could you ask for from your favorites online casino games site?

We offer various reload promotions throughout the month. Right now we are offering a 25% reload bonus on Tuesday just because we want to thank you for being such a loyal member! Check our Promotions Page for the latest promotion and increase your spending limit with the help of your friends at

Fasten Your Seatbelt
Another wonderful promotion is called Fasten Your Seatbelt. This promotion consists of one race per week for 5 weeks, and by playing you are entered into a cash prize pool for either $5K or $10K! Play each week and you may be able to reach the overall championship leader board, winning big prizes along the way! Consider VIP status for more opportunities to increase your odds of winning big. The total grand prize pool for Fasten Your Seatbelt is $100K; don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to win big!

You can play Fasten Your Seatbelt in 4 easy steps:
1- Sign up to start playing
2- Play each week for 5 weeks, increasing your prize pool along the way.
3- Your points add up over the 5 weeks as you work your way toward the overall championship leader board.
4- If you finish as a Race champion, you may win a holiday in an exotic location and you may dip into the $25K prize pool as well.

Fasten your seatbelt now and get ready for the ride of your life over at now!

Cheating in online casino

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There are many people who try different ways to win in casino games. There are also some people who cheat in online casino to make a bag of money. The following are some ways through, which people cheat in online casinos. This does not include live casinos though, as it's much difficult to cheat when you play it online at, or any other site that offers live casinos.

When it comes to roulette, cheaters bet 5 on black. If red wins, the cheaters bet 10 on black and if red wins, they bet 20 on black. In other words, the cheaters double the amount they play until they win. Once the cheater wins, then he/she again starts playing from scratch. The reason behind this trick is that the cheaters don’t lose any money this way.

This trick is quite feasible and the cheaters use this trick even to bet on high figures and for amounts as high as they want. In this case, the cheaters keep a track of their betting limits and when they get out of the headroom there are chances they lose money if the odds are not in favor of cheaters. However, the main formula, which cheaters use to win money is to keep on betting until they don’t run out of money or hit the maximum bet limit set in the game.

The superb gaming experience

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For a superb online gaming experience, few virtual casinos compare to Online Casino. The welcome package awaiting players here, trumps the competition hands down. It’s a feast of gaming in a sterling online package. Simply select your choice of online games from the 35 gaming titles.
With popular games such as online roulette, online craps, online blackjack and classic slots, it’s full steam ahead at this 888 casino. If multi-line slots and progressive slots are your forte then this gaming destination is well stocked. The more that players play, the greater their benefits will be. Thanks to a fabulously crafted VIP club, player rewards are all pervasive.
Join the fun, share a laugh and win more cash prizes than you ever imagined. The payout rate is 98.5% and that’s plenty generous – among the highest in the gaming industry. What this means is that players receive $.985 cents for every $1 wagered in the long-term when perfect gaming strategy is employed.